in compliance with his desire, all▓ foolish coolness between his fa

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mily and t●hat of Lord Valery should cease—she h●ad condescended to make advances to Miss Nevil▓le, which were coldly rejected.She did n▓ot tell him that these advances had been merel●y an invitation to her fête (of whose sudden ar▓rangement Herbert was himsel▓f unconscious), and did not know h●erself, and certainly would never ha▓ve imagined the real reason of Lucy 癔s refusal.Before the day closed●, however, h

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er son was destined to be e▓nlightened. He was standing near a group of v▓ery gay young ladies and gentlem▓en, conversing at first on grave topics with● a friend, when his quick ear● was irresistibly attracte


d by the mention of M▓iss Neville’s name, coupled with much sa●tirical laughter. “She will become a ●second Mrs.Fry, depend upon it,” was the▓ observation of one.“I should not be at all su●rprised that at


last we shall find her mak●ing pilgrimages through the streets of▓ London, to see if all the shops are clo●sed at a certain hour, and the released ap▓prentices properly employed.Sh▓e should set up an evening sc

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    h●ool for drapers’ assistants and milliners’ app●rentices.Why don’t you propose it to he●r, Miss Balfour” Charlotte, whose supe●r

    b Parisian costume gave her the tri▓umph of being almost universally e▓nvied, laughed, and declared it ●was too much trouble. “You stand in rather t●oo much awe of both

    her and Lord Valery,●” was her brother’s rejoinder.“It is a pity●, though, that Miss Neville has imbibed such out●ré notions

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    , otherwise she would be a nice● girl enough.” “And did she really refus●e to come only because the notic●e was too short for her to

    get a● proper costume without injuring or oppressing 癃as the cant of the day has it—the poor millin●ers How perfectly ridiculous! I ▓am sure the artistes who come for ou

    r orders ▓are in the finest condition both as to health ●and wealth.” “And the shopm●en—they are sleek, gay, care-not●hing

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e changes; ▓and from the very fact
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    looking fellows.As for● their needing greater rest, more recre●ation, opportunities to cultivate the m▓ind, one has only to look at th


    em to feel the ●pure romance of the thing.What are ●some people born for but to work” ▓ “And just imagine how dull London ●would b


    e if all the shops were closed▓ by seven or eight o’clock! I should lose h▓alf my enjoyment in walking to my club.” ●“I should li

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    ke to know what good▓ Miss Neville and her party of philant▓hropists think they will accomplis▓h by giving so much liberty and leisure.


    We shal▓l have to build double the number of tav▓erns, for such will be their only resort.●What can such people know of intellectual am


    usem●ent!” “And if they did, what do they▓ want with it We should have a cess●ation of all labour, and then what is to ●become of

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t, however, only the habitude o●f

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ea●rd to attempt anything


like argument


.● And the effort to excuse forme